Autumn is Here

From the Principal

Dear readers,

Many fantastic things are happening at IES Hässelby as we are fast approaching Autumn break. We are all very busy this time of the year, and I thought I would share some examples of activities, besides classroom lessons, happening at the school this far:

- Grade 9 students and teachers have been to a field trip to Fotografiska Museet, and are going to Armémuseet on Friday this week.

- Grade 7 students are going on a Ghost Walk in Gamla Stan for Halloween.

- Grade 4 students have had circus lessons with staff from the organisation Cirkus Cirkör.

- The MFL department teachers planned for and celebrated The European Day of Languages.

- We have had a Sports Day organised by the P.E. department.

- The Student Council has had their first formal meeting (Matråd) with the new catering company.

- We had a day of 'Taste of Choice’ . Instead of doing a different choice activity each choice day, this year students will do one Choice project throughout the 6 days of Choice. The outcomes of the Choice project will be exhibited during Spring term. Before the students made their choice of project they had mini-lessons of all available Choice activities.  

- Students in Grade 6 and 9 are getting ready for oral National Tests in English, Swedish, and Maths.

- Students competed against their teachers in a Students vs. Staff Dodgeball Tournament.

- The first rehearsals for the school musical has happened.

- IGCSE (Cambridge Exams) prep for Grade 9 English went really well with more than 50 students signing up. 

- Open House for all grade levels  

- Teachers are right now busy updating students' subject rubrics and writing comments in SchoolSoft. The mid-term reports are available on Wednesday October 18th.  

As mentioned, we have had Open House for all grades. These are days when we invite parents to join their child at school for a day. In the Grade 4 Open House we had some 50 parents joining! I really enjoy the Open House days as it gives me a chance to speak to new and old IESH parents. It is also fantastic to see how proud students are of their school and that they want their parents to meet the teachers. One parent tweeted about her experiences at the grade 6 Open House. 

Monday 23rd October, PTS (Parent Teacher Student) Conferences are held at the school. We look forwarding to seeing all parents then. 

Thank you for reading!

Kind regards,

Mr Granström, your Principal