Christmas wishes to all

From the Principal
Christmas wishes to all

There is a flurry of activity as we head towards the end of our very first term. Students are very busy with assessments and projects are are striving towards achieving the goals that they set for themselves this term. The last day of the term is Thursday the 22 of December. Closing times can be found on Schoolsoft.

We will be celebrating Lucia on the 13th of December with traditional songs and of course the Lucia train. Many of our overseas teachers are very excited to see this classic tradition in true Swedish style! 

The end of the term is going to bring out the yet unseen talent of our students. The Talent Show is much anticipated with students practising hard for the auditions. There will be two performances on the 22 of December and I know that we will be blown away by what our students can do. I've already seen one of our students complete the entire Rubik's cube in 21 seconds. If that isn't talent, I don't know what is! 

The above photo was taken during the Senior students field trip to a Mosque and Synagogue with Ms Legersjö as part of their SO studies. Students were extremely well behaved and made their teachers very proud.

I would like to wish all the students and guardians a very festive season!