Lesson visits!

From the Principal
Lesson visits!

One thing that I really enjoy about my work is to do lesson visits, to be where the action is. As a Principal, it is very easy to miss out on what is actually going on in your school, but in IES I know that I have a team of great administrators to help me deal with all the administrative tasks, which gives me time to be with the students and the staff. That is where I should be, not in my office. 

Today, I did several lesson visits. Here are just some examples. I visited an amazing Swedish lesson in Grade 6 with Ms Nordensson. The students were busy working on their short stories. I also read a chapter in Bröderna Lejonhjärta to Grade 4 students which was nothing else but magical. It made me miss teaching a lot. 

Above is a photo from Woodwork class with 5A from today. The students and their teacher Mr Pitcher were really enjoying the lesson and the projects that they are currently working on. They were having fun, but in a calm and safe environment. 

Thank you for today students and staff. I will see you in lessons and in the corridors tomorrow. 


Mr Granström