News from the Principal

From the Principal
News from the Principal

Jesper and Petter from 6A baking for Operation WorkdayThe weeks seem to be flying by and before we know it we will be celebrating Lucia.

The students and teachers have settled into school routines and we have realized how blessed we are to have the students that we have. They are motivated, working really hard and showing us what they are made of. We are very proud of them as we are aware of the  changes that they have had to make. It can't be easy to adapt to a brand new school where everything is different. New rules, new teachers, new ideology, a lot more English and of course a new curriculum and grading system.  Our students seem to be taking this in their stride and are showing us committment and dedication. I would like to thank our parents for the support and assistance that they are giving their children during this time. It is clear to us that the families at our school are very special and are 100% behind us. We thank you for this.

Operation Workday was a huge success and our students put their hearts and souls into raising funds for children who are less fortunate than they are. Some students baked and went out to sell their creations, some cleaned their grandparents attics and some raked leaves in gardens. To the left are Jesper and Petter from Grade 6A preparing for Operation Workday. Thank you to all involved.

Renovations in the main building (A building) are complete with the Domestic Science classroom now in use and the Woodwork room ready for use. The sports gym is still being worked on and will be ready after Christmas. In the meantime the Sports teachers have the use of a large room in the B building and two smaller rooms that are being used as change rooms so the students won't need to be outside for their physical education lessons. They will also be going to a local gym where they will experience gym classes such as Zumba and aerobics. We will be swopping the Art and Music room so that basins can be installed in the Art room. These basins will be installed in the next two weeks and will make Art lessons a lot easier for both the Art teacher and students.

We had a very successful sports day (even though it was a little cold!). The students showed so much spirit in their respective House teams and it was heart warming to see the older students helping and encouraging the younger students in their teams. There was a lot of singing and cheering and even the neighbours came down to watch the activities. The Celts won the overall trophy, the Cavaliers won the best dressed trophy, the Romans won the Games trophy and the Raiders won the Best Spirit trophy.

On the last day before the Autumn break we had a Halloween day. The students relished the sight of the staff dressed up and many of the students put a lot of effort into their costumes. The lunch room was converted into a 'haunted house' complete with decorations and eerie music. It was a wonderful way to end the first half term at IESH. 

In the next few weeks we will be providing support for parents who would like more assistance with understanding and using Schoolsoft. We will organize two evenings where parents come spend some time with us, ask questions and be shown more details reagrding Schoolsoft. These dates will be posted on Schoolsoft in the next week.