Principal's Update

From the Principal

Dear IES Hässelby,

We have just received our annual anonymous survey results from parents and students. It’s clear from your feedback that our school is successful and improving--but that our work is not done. 

I strongly believe that parents and students should have high expectations of our school. Whenever you want to provide feedback, positive or negative, I encourage you to reach out and contact us. Afterall, our goal is to create an environment where we are all working together to create a better school for our students.

We will be spending the summer reading your feedback and developing school improvement plans for 2019/2020. We will share our plans with parents and students during our Parent Evenings and Mentor Days in August.

Parents, students and staff who know me, know that I deliver on my promises. Therefore I want to promise all of you that I will continue to work tirelessly in the coming years to make IES Hässelby the best school it can be.

Best Regards,

Ms. Naurin