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Student Choice Day - We choose to have fun!

Student Choice Day - We choose to have fun!

This week our students had a Students Choice Day with many interesting choices. The different choices gave the students a chance to focus on a specific subject that interest them. 

These are just a few of the choices the students were offered this year:

Swimming - A chance to work on their swimming technique and practice lifesaving.

Yoga - Spend a day focusing on healthy living, learn about recipes and try yoga.

National museum - A visit the museum and learn through a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge.

Robotics - Build, program, and test their own robotic creations.

Important dates for HT2020/VT2021

Start of term - August 17
End of term - December 18

Start of term - January 12
End of term - June 15

Autumn Break (week 44): October 26 - October 30
Christmas break: December 19 - January 11
Sports Break (week 9): March 1 - March 5
Easter Break (week 15): April 2 - April 9
Ascension day (Kristi Himmelsfärd): May 13 - 14

From the Principal

Spring 2020 Here We Come!

Hello and welcome back to IES Hässelby Strand for our Spring term 2020! 

We hope that you are all well-rested and ready to jump back into what has already been a fantastic school year. Here are some things to look forward to at the start of this spring! 

First, we are so happy to welcome Ms. Rebecca Tideman to the Swedish department! Ms. Tideman, a Stockholm local and graduate of Uppsala University will teach in years 6 and 8 and be a mentor for 6B: a. She's coming back to teach from spending a year away traveling in Australia and she's really happy and excited to meet all the students and start working this week! 

Second, we are also super excited to announce that Ms. Rosenquist will be joining our team! She will work to support the administration team with subbing, and she will act as extra support for students in and outside the lessons. Ms. Rosenquist is a local who actually attended and graduated from IESH! We're feeling so grateful (and a little old) to have one of our students come back and work for us. Welcome back, Ms. R.!

Third, the new football pitch is finally finished and we will have a grand opening ceremony week 3. The new pitch is beautiful, with perfectly level, beautifully painted turf, stronger goals with new nets, and better and safer access with a new wider lockable gate. I am currently in the process of ordering some new jerseys and balls to be used with the new pitch. For now, students can continue to rent balls from Mr. Tell in the rec. room. Enjoy! 

Wow! So many exciting things! 

Please be on the lookout for more important academic information from your teachers on Schoolsoft! 

Welcome back, everyone!

Mr. Wallace 




2019/2020 School Year Dates/ Läsårsdatum 2019/2020

Start of term - August 15
End of term - December 19

Start of term - January 8
End of term - June 10

Autumn Break (week 44): October 28 - November 1
Christmas break: December 19 - January 7 
Sport Break (week 9): February 24 - February 28
Easter Break (week 15): April 6 - April 13
May 1
Ascension day (Kristi Himmelsfärd): May 21 - 22

Winter Sport Day

Winter Sport Day

Today we had our Winter Sports Day at IES Hässelby. The whole school participated in a variety of activities.

Gr 4: Climbing

Gr 5: Bowling

Gr 6: Swimming

Gr 7 and 8: A choice between Badminton, Basketball, Winter walk, Swimming and Ice skating.

And Gr 9 went on our annual ski trip to Romme. They sure had a great time!

Thank you to all students and staff for making it such a fun day. Special thanks to Ms McLeod for organizing such a great day for our students and staff.