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Hässelby Staff Complete the AXA Triathlon

Hässelby Staff Complete the AXA Triathlon

HÄSSELBY STAFF COMPLETE THE AXA TRIATHLON: Mr Remires (individual olympic distance), Ms Gylling, Mr Thomas, Mr Patterson, Ms Gauthier, Mr Baxter and Mr Pardo Garcia (team events). We're so proud of you!

School Is Now In Session!

On August 22, IES Hässelby Teachers welcomed students into their classrooms for the first time! After much anticipation and a lot of hard work by teachers and staff, it has been wonderful to watch the school come to life.

We've had a great first few weeks!  Students arrived with positive attitudes and have adapted remarkably fast.  We are so pleased to have gotten off to such a nice start and are very excited about the rest of the school year!

From the Principal

Welcome to IES Hässelby

My journey to Sweden, which began in Central Africa, has taken me through three continents and a myriad of rich multi-cultural experiences. These experiences have provided me with many a learning curve and have come to shape the teacher, manager and person that I have become today. Along the way I have learnt tolerance, patience and understanding of the diversity that exists in our world as well as the challenges that face young people as they strive to find their individuality and place in an ever changing society. Eleven years ago I was the Head of the Mathematics department at the very first of the International English schools in Enskede and today I find myself on the doorstep of the eighteenth school to be opened by this forward thinking organization of highly rated schools in Sweden. I am honored to be chosen to lead this new school and will rely on my many years of teaching and management experience to uphold the ethos of this organization and to provide the students with a safe and calm environment in which to learn and grow as individuals. My vision for the school is a school based on respect. Respect for our environment, our planet and the people and creatures that inhabit it. A school where respect for self and others is shown on a daily basis. I firmly believe that the essence of good discipline is respect and that discipline is the cornerstone of academic achievement. My belief is that respect is an attitude that begins at home, is reinforced at school and is applied throughout life.