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Introducing Operation Work Day

Sawubona! Hello! Operation Work Day will take place on October 25th and 26th. What is Operation Work Day? This is an amazing opportunity for our students to use their abilities to help make life better for people in another part of the world. Our principal, Ms. Schäfer, comes from South Africa. She has taught in a school at Sodwana on the northeast coast of South Africa. The school in Sodwana has very few resources. It is Ms. Schäfer’s vision that our students work to build a school for these students. We are so lucky here in Sweden with have a high living standard and good conditions in our schools. This is not the case for everyone in the world. We would like students to learn to appreciate the richness of our lives here in Sweden, and give them the opportunity to help students in South Africa.

What students will do:

Either on Tuesday, October 25 or Wednesday, October 26 (whichever day the student does not have their PTS conference) each student will work for the day. This can be on the job with a parent, or even another relative. Students should be given work to do, and they should be paid for their work (a minimum of 100 kronor would be greatly appreciated; however, any amount will make a difference). Students will bring the money to school on Thursday, October 27. All of the money raised will go to help build the school in Sodwana, South Africa. A special bank account has been set up for direct payment. 


Ngiyabonga! Thank you in advance for your help and participation!


Detailed information was sent home with students and can be found on School Soft



PTS Conferences

PTS Conferences (Parent/teacher/student) will take place on October 25th and 26th. There is no school for students.  They are expected to attend their PTS conferences one day and participate in Operation Work Day the other.  

For more information, please refer to School Soft.  



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Building News

Building renovations are nearly complete!  The Home Economics Room was inaugurated at the beginning of this month and finishing touches are being put on the Woodwork Room!  

There is also a fence currently being built around the School Yard!  


Sports Day

The Yellow Romans, the Red Raiders, the Green Celts, and the Blue Cavaliers were out in full force for IES Hässelby's first Autumn Sports Day! On Monday, 10 October, all students and staff headed down to Hässelby Beach to compete in races and teamwork games. Students completed 2K (grades 4 & 5), 3K (grade 6), and 4K (grades 7 & 8) races.  Despite chilly weather conditions, the students showed determination and camaraderie, ending the day by earning a trophy for each team.  Congratulations to all four houses for a successful Sports Day!