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Workshop Day 2019

On Saturday, 9 February, IES Hässelby held it's annual Workshop Day for incoming Year 4 students. Over 80 families attended this year! 

Prospective students had the opportunity to meet our teachers and to see how it feels to be a student at our school. Students got to particiate in Swedish, Mathematics and English lessons and also learned more about our school rules.  

While students attended these lessons, guardians participated in an information session run by Ms. Naurin (Principal) and Mr. Clement (Junior School Coordinator). Click here to view the presentation.

To confirm your child’s enrollment for next academic year, please complete and return registration forms by Friday, 15 February. For questions about enrollment, please contact Ms. Nilsson (Student Administrator) by mail at or telephone at 070 164 33 31. 

From the Principal

A Message from IES Hässelby's New Principal

Dear Students and Guardians of IES Hässelby,

From February 1, 2019, I will be taking over as acting principal of IES Hässelby. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the school's current principal, Mr. Frederik Granström, for his dedication and hard work building IES Hässelby into the strong school that it is today. He will be greatly missed.

I am a Canadian certified teacher, with a Master of Education degree in Curriculum Leadership and ten years of teaching experience. I have had the pleasure of working at IES Hässelby since it opened in 2011. Over the years I have held the positions of teacher, Head of Year, Förstelärare and Junior School Coordinator at the school. In this role, I led pastoral and academic programmes for teachers and students in grades 4 to 6. As a member of the Leadership Team, I  also worked closely to set goals and targets that promoted the IES ethos and strengthened the school community at IES Hässelby.

IES Hässelby’s staff and students have accomplished a lot together these past 9 years. While we have built an atmosphere of discipline, respect and academic excellence at the school, I am most proud of the strong student-teacher relationships that have developed over the years. We have worked hard to connect with our students, not only in the subjects being taught but also in their lives outside the classroom. Every day, teachers and staff go above and beyond to show students that they are cared for, both as learners and as people. I strongly believe that it is because of these positive relationships that our students have been able to achieve such high academic success.

Although IES Hässelby is a successful school, we still have work to do. Together with the dedicated staff of IES Hässelby, we will continue to build a school culture where safety and mutual respect are key, and which engages learning, promotes international mindedness, upholds high expectations, and above all, fosters strong relationships between teachers and students.

Best Regards,

Ms. Katharine Naurin


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Congratulations Ms Nordenson!

Every day we see what a fantastic job our teachers at IES Hässelby do but it is great to see them acknowledged outside our organisation for the hard work and dedication they show.

Lärargalan is a foundation that each year celebrate the teachers of Sweden. Students from all around Sweden have the chance to nominate a teacher that makes a difference in their everyday life. This year we have several nominations within Internationella Engelska Skolan and one is for our own Ms Annie Nordenson. "She makes everything more enjoyable and motivates students to work harder." (From the nomination at Lärargalan) Thank-you to Annie and to all of our teachers!

IES Hässelby Halloween

IES Hässelby Halloween

Halloween only comes around once a year but we always go all in at IES Hässelby. Staff and students all enjoy dressing up in amazing costumes. This year students had the chance to take part in different activities like Catastrophic cooking, Spine chilling science and Freaky fashion show.