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Choice Day

Choice Day

Choice day #4 has come and gone. Only one more this school year and then our incredible students and teachers get to show the products of what they have been working on all year in our Choice Showcase. There were a lot of fun moments during the day in our different choices. The students in Newspaper Choice were visited by two journalist to help them with the article they are writing and the students in Behind the Scene made great progress with the costumes for this years school play Beauty and the Beast.

Vice principal Mr Wallace had a lot of nice things to say about the day. Here are some of his favourite memories of the day: 

  • Mr. Farnsworth, Mr. Oxborough and some students in yr 9 going out of their way to make a fellow student's day a day he'll never forget. 
  • Watching Mr Pardo Garcia excitedly talking to a year 5 in the lunchroom line about Ninja Warrior. 
  • A portrait of Mr. Pournazaree done in Mr Bonnell's Comic Book Choice - IT'S AWESOME! 

Winter Sports Day!

Winter Sports Day!

On the 9th of Februrary all our students enjoyed a fantastic Winter Sports day with different activities. Students from year 4 to 8 did everything from swimming to climbing to playing football. Year 9 spent an exciting day in Romme skiing and snowboarding.

We are all looking forward to the next Sports day during the fall term!

Sports day

IESH Student Council at EU parliament seminar

IESH Student Council at EU parliament seminar

Friday January 19th, the IESH Student Council attended the annual school debate at Europahuset, the EU headquarters of Sweden. Two of the swedish representants in the EU parliament, Linnéa Engström (Miljöpartiet) and Jasenko Selimovic (Liberalerna), were present to discuss and answer questions asked by students from 7 different schools within the Stockholm area.

IESH asked questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of changing the swedish currency from SEK to Euro, as well as difficult choice to do the best for Sweden or the best for Europe.

Regardless of the many tough questions about Brexit, the migration crisis and the climate change, as well as the fact that the politicians represented different political blocks, no actual debate took place as they agreed with each other most of the time. Although, all questions came with well developed answers, some more complex than others. Being a refugee himself in the past, Jasenko Selimovic had a burning interest for migration politics, and Linnéa Engström showed that she really loves to discuss climate politics.

The Student Council would like to thank the politicians, Markus Bonekamp (chief manager at the European Parliament’s information office and moderator of the debate) and anyone else involved in organizing this event.

Author: Wilhelm Karlsson, yr 9

Students Sing For Victory in IES Eurovision Song Contest

Students Sing For Victory in IES Eurovision Song Contest

A grade nine student from IES Tyresö was crowned the winner after 18 bands and solo artists stepped forward to perform during the annual Internationella Engelska Skolan Modern Foreign Languages Eurovision Song Contest.

The popular competition is open to students at all IES schools and sees them perform a song in a language other than Swedish or English.



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This year’s winner was Stella Chirinos from IES Tyresö (Pictured above with French Teacher Mr Guerneui, Founder of IES Ms Bergstöm, and music teacher Mr Stones). Stella sang Dernière Danse by French singer-songwriter Indila.

Stella said: “It was a strange feeling to hear that I had won. There was some very good singers from other schools. I knew that I had given a good performance and that I had a strong song but it's always a good surprise to win.

"I started in year 7 here at IES Tyresö so I've been learning French for three years. I like the language, I like how it sounds.”

Stella got the idea of performing the Indila song after a friend mentioned it in a French lesson and she realised it would suit her well.

She said: “I like to sing because it's fun and I can express feeling through songs. There are songs for all occasions, sad and happy.

"I've been singing since I was seven and I've performed on stage on several occasions previously so I have some stage experience but you can't take away the nervosity."

Her French teacher, Mr Guerneui added: “I knew that my student Stella was a very strong candidate for victory but when I heard the singers from Nacka and Gävle I felt that this year's trophy might as well go to one of these schools. The two girls had very strong and beautiful voices. It's my first year at IES Tyresö  and we are still a relatively new school so I am glad that we won with our first attempt.”

Second place was awarded to Paulina Johnson of IES Gävle (pictured, left) who sang Mii Años in Spanish, while the third prize went to a band from IES Nacka made up of Felicia Elding, Louise Andersson, Alva Willers and Annie Wallin (pictured, below, right). Together they performed Colores En El Biento in Spanish.

This year the event was hosted by IES Bromma, other IES schools taking part included those from: Älvsjö, Täby, Kista, Skärholmen, Huddinge, Liljeholmen, Uppsala, Hässelby, Eskilstuna, Halmstad, Lund, Sundsvall, Johanneberg and Hässleholm .

The result means that, according to Eurovision tradition, IES Tyresö will host next year’s contest.

Mr Guerneui is looking forward to putting together next year’s event.

He said: “IES Bromma has set the bar very high this year but we are confident to maintain the same standard next year."

Spring Fair 2017


A big thank you to the PTA, the students and the staff that were involved in creating a great Spring Fair at the school last Saturday. It was a wonderful day where staff, parents and students came together to celebrate Spring, look at the fantastic student work that was displayed in the gym, do some fundraising and to have a lot of fun of course.


Mr Granström