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Winter Sports Day!

Winter Sports Day!

On the 9th of Februrary all our students enjoyed a fantastic Winter Sports day with different activities. Students from year 4 to 8 did everything from swimming to climbing to playing football. Year 9 spent an exciting day in Romme skiing and snowboarding.

We are all looking forward to the next Sports day during the fall term!

Sports day

From the Principal

Start of Spring Term 2018

Dear reader, 

January has been a very exciting and fun month for both staff and students at IES Hässelby Strand. We started the term with our 3rd day of Student Choice. Students danced, baked cupcakes, swam, built robots, created videos, went on field trips and much more. The school was filled with a hustle and bustle of activity.  I look forward to seeing what each Choice activity will produce as their final project for Spring Choice Showcase.

Our grade 9 students have started writing the National Exams for Spring term. The first round of tests was in Modern Foreign Languages that took place during week 5. I spoke to some grade 9 students after the test and they told me how well prepared and comfortable they felt. The results from these exams will help the Modern Foreign Language teachers prepare our grade 9 students for secondary education. The results will be closely monitored by our Academic Manager and the MFL teachers to ensure that our school continues to maintain high academic standards in the foreign languages.  I would like to thank the teachers for organising the MFL national test for the very first time. Great job! 

Last week was Staff Look-Alike Day in grades 4-6. Students were encouraged to dress-up like their favourite IES Hässelby staff member. Students and teachers rose to the challenge and really got into the school spirit. Just take a look at these three Mr. Sundelines!

Inline images 1
There have been many more activities going on at our school that are worthy of mention. I recommend that students and parents view the News section on SchoolSoft to find out more about what's going on at our school each month. 
Looking to the future, there is much to look forward to at IES Hässelby - Winter Sports Day, Prao, National Tests, Choice, Graduation and the School Play, to name a few.
Warmest Regards, 
Mr Granström

IESH Student Council at EU parliament seminar

IESH Student Council at EU parliament seminar

Friday January 19th, the IESH Student Council attended the annual school debate at Europahuset, the EU headquarters of Sweden. Two of the swedish representants in the EU parliament, Linnéa Engström (Miljöpartiet) and Jasenko Selimovic (Liberalerna), were present to discuss and answer questions asked by students from 7 different schools within the Stockholm area.

IESH asked questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of changing the swedish currency from SEK to Euro, as well as difficult choice to do the best for Sweden or the best for Europe.

Regardless of the many tough questions about Brexit, the migration crisis and the climate change, as well as the fact that the politicians represented different political blocks, no actual debate took place as they agreed with each other most of the time. Although, all questions came with well developed answers, some more complex than others. Being a refugee himself in the past, Jasenko Selimovic had a burning interest for migration politics, and Linnéa Engström showed that she really loves to discuss climate politics.

The Student Council would like to thank the politicians, Markus Bonekamp (chief manager at the European Parliament’s information office and moderator of the debate) and anyone else involved in organizing this event.

Author: Wilhelm Karlsson, yr 9

From the Principal

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


I would like to wish all in the IES Hässelby Strand community, families, and friends a safe and happy Christmas.

I am privileged to be a part of a school that puts emphasis on a calm learning and working environment where students academic and social development is at the heart of everything we do.

I want to thank all the wonderful students at IES Hässelby Strand for this term. Our students show us each day that they take care of and enjoy their school community and that hard work pays off.

I would like to thank the dedicated teachers and other staff at the school. They are to be celebrated for the way they have worked this term, through success and through challenges. The staff recognize and celebrate the students every single day. Thank you! Without the amazing effort from the support staff the teachers would not be able to teach, and students would not be able to learn. Thank you to everyone in the Student Care Team and Spec Ed Team, Behaviour team, Junior Club and Administration Team.

Parents and guardians are not to be forgotten. Thank you for your ongoing support. I look forward to working with you and your students next term and for many terms to come. You are important to the success of our school. 

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) also deserve a huge thank you for playing such an important role in our school community. I am very happy with the cooperation we have had this term.

I am sure that all of you have a good feeling about your school looking back at this term.

The first day of Spring Term is Wednesday 10th January 2018. It will be a regular school day. Please see SchoolSoft or Novaschem for your schedule. 

Thank you again so much for this term, and let me wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Kind Regards, 

Mr Granström


Antagning och inskrivning information

Antagning och inskrivning information

Ett barn kan inte registreras i kön för en IES-skola under det kalenderår då det har fötts. Första kömöjligheten är 1 februari följande kalenderår. Regeln syftar till att ge alla samma chans till en plats, oavsett när på året som ett barn fötts. Denna förändring införs den 1 januari 2018 och berör dem som registreras i kön från och med detta datum.


Inför årskurs 4, 2018, startar antagningen vecka 44 med inbjudan via mail till den mailadress familjen registrerat.


Vi genomför inför årskurs 4 alltid en "Workshop Day" där barnen får en möjlighet att uppleva hur det är att vara elev i vår skola. Samtidigt får vårdnadshavare information om skolan från ledningsgruppen. Det är de barn som står främst i vår kö som får möjligheten att komma till skolan och hälsa på. Platser tilldelas i datumordning enligt registrering i IES Hässelby Strands kö. Skolan tillämpar syskonförtur vilket innebär att elev som nu går på skolan och har ett syskon som vill börja får förtur även om syskonet har ett senare registreringsdatum än andra barn i kön. Erfarenheter och kunskap som skolgång i utlandet, engelska som modersmål etc ger inte förtur.

Vi har begränsad möjlighet att svara på frågor under antagningsprocessen. Därför ber vi om ert tålamod.Många frågar oss om deras barns möjlighet till plats. Detta är en fråga vi inte kan besvara eftersom antagningsprocessen pågår. För att logga in till kön och uppdatera kontaktuppgifter; följ denna länk. Inloggningsuppgifter skickades till den mailadress ni angav samma dag som ni registrerade ert barn i elevkön.


Admission and registration information :

A child can be registered in queue the 1st February of the next year the child is born. This means they cannot be registered the same year as they are born. This is so that each child gets a fair chance to be in queue irrespective of the time in the year when they are born.

This comes in effect from 1st January 2018.

Admission for grade 4 2018-19 has started week 44 with invitations via email registered with us.

We have a “workshop day” for our grade 4 students where they meet our teachers and see how it feels to be a IESH student. At the same time parents get to meet the Principal for an information session. Invitation is based on the queue system, the first in queue is offered first. If for some reason they are unable to join, the place is offered to next child in queue and so on. Sibling preference is the only preference given when the sibling can come before the others registered in queue.

We have limited opportunity to reply to your email during the admission process and we thank you for your patience. We receive many questions if their child will get a place, to which we cannot answer right now as the admission process is going on. You can login in the queue via this link . Login details will be sent to the email you had registered at the the time of submitting the application.