Student Work

Year 9 photography

Students had the opportunity to produce a Personal Project. Each student had to write a proposal justifying why and how they would produce the work of art and include a study of an artist working within the field who they admired.

Some students chose to use Photography.

The results have been a stunning selection of photographic studies. Some photographs have been edited using tools either within their cameras or using software.

Student work in Woodwork and Textiles

The Year 9 students are happy showing of their last projects in Slöjd. They will soon be leaving us but we are happy knowing that they know how to sew in a button and hit a nail. They are ready for the next step!

Student art work

Art students from years 4 to 9 are given the opportunity to to learn history and theory of Art and Design together with sketch book studies. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with a variety of medium and techniques. The breadth of work with the complexity of the ideas being explored is something they, and the School, can be extremely proud of.
The following work is just a small sample from this year, more will follow shortly.


Year 9s' WW1 Movies

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