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Från rektorn

Thank You, From a Very Grateful Principal

Dear IES Hässelby,

Welcome back! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable spring break, despite the unexpected snowy weather. 

On Monday 12 April, we welcome back all of our grade 7 and 8 students after nearly 10 weeks of remote learning. 

I know the enormous responsibility that remote learning placed on guardians and students to create time, space, routine, and support for learning at home.

I also know that remote learning challenged our staff to find a new normal for learning and education. To completely rework what teaching and schooling looks like on such short notice wasn't easy, yet I have been so incredibly proud of the dedication I have seen from all of our teachers as they piloted new types of learning experiences for our students so that they can continue to reach their full potential. 

So thank you teachers, students and guardians for your incredible hard work these past 10 weeks and for your continued support as we work through this crisis together. 

Getting back to normal is a goal for our school community and together, with safe precautions, this will happen with time. 

From a very grateful Principal, 

Ms. Naurin 

Från rektorn

Spring 2020 Here We Come!

Hello and welcome back to IES Hässelby Strand for our Spring term 2020! 

We hope that you are all well-rested and ready to jump back into what has already been a fantastic school year. Here are some things to look forward to at the start of this spring! 

First, we are so happy to welcome Ms. Rebecca Tideman to the Swedish department! Ms. Tideman, a Stockholm local and graduate of Uppsala University will teach in years 6 and 8 and be a mentor for 6B: a. She's coming back to teach from spending a year away traveling in Australia and she's really happy and excited to meet all the students and start working this week! 

Second, we are also super excited to announce that Ms. Rosenquist will be joining our team! She will work to support the administration team with subbing, and she will act as extra support for students in and outside the lessons. Ms. Rosenquist is a local who actually attended and graduated from IESH! We're feeling so grateful (and a little old) to have one of our students come back and work for us. Welcome back, Ms. R.!

Third, the new football pitch is finally finished and we will have a grand opening ceremony week 3. The new pitch is beautiful, with perfectly level, beautifully painted turf, stronger goals with new nets, and better and safer access with a new wider lockable gate. I am currently in the process of ordering some new jerseys and balls to be used with the new pitch. For now, students can continue to rent balls from Mr. Tell in the rec. room. Enjoy! 

Wow! So many exciting things! 

Please be on the lookout for more important academic information from your teachers on Schoolsoft! 

Welcome back, everyone!

Mr. Wallace 




Från rektorn

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Dear IES Hässelby,

A warm welcome to all new and returning students and families to IES Hässelby!

As we begin our second week of lessons, the school year is officially in full-swing. The leadership team has been dropping into lessons this past week, supporting teachers and students and making sure that we all start the year strong.

We have a lot of exciting new changes to look forward to this academic year. Firstly, we are pleased to welcome 12 new qualified teachers to our team. In the fall term, we will begin our all new teacher-led extra-curricular program, offering a variety of clubs for students after school. We will also open a new student cafe at the beginning of September. Students can also look forward to the school's Football Field and Basketball Court outside the A-building being renovated in October.

The teachers, staff and leadership team have also set goals for improvement during 2019/2020, based on feedback from our student and parent surveys from 2018/2019. We aim to improve on our school’s commitment to quality education, discipline and order and student happiness. Our actions for how we intend to reach these goals were shared with students during the first days of school and parents during our parent evening presentations.

We look forward to hearing from both parents and students throughout the year and reaching our goals for school improvement together.

Best Regards,
Ms. Naurin

Från rektorn

Principal's Update

Dear IES Hässelby,

We have just received our annual anonymous survey results from parents and students. It’s clear from your feedback that our school is successful and improving--but that our work is not done. 

I strongly believe that parents and students should have high expectations of our school. Whenever you want to provide feedback, positive or negative, I encourage you to reach out and contact us. Afterall, our goal is to create an environment where we are all working together to create a better school for our students.

We will be spending the summer reading your feedback and developing school improvement plans for 2019/2020. We will share our plans with parents and students during our Parent Evenings and Mentor Days in August.

Parents, students and staff who know me, know that I deliver on my promises. Therefore I want to promise all of you that I will continue to work tirelessly in the coming years to make IES Hässelby the best school it can be.

Best Regards,

Ms. Naurin

Från rektorn

Principal's Update

Dear IES Hässelby,  

We have had many new changes happen this term at IES Hässelby. Improvements were made to the layout of the school by moving the library to the 2nd floor and ordering new furniture for the B-building, Common Room and Library. We have also recieved a lot of positive feedback from parents and students regarding the recent changes to the school food. Everyone seems especially happy with the edition of sparkling water in the school's cafeteria. 

It's hard to believe that summer is just around the corner with only 27 days of school left. From end of term reports, Summer Sports Day, Mentor Day, and Grade 9 Prom, to Graduation, avslutning, the end of year teacher video, and Spring Fair, we have a lot of exciting things to look forward in the last few days of school.

We are now finishing our eighth year in operation. As IES Hässelby's new Principal, I look forward to recieving your feedback in the school's survey as we move forward in our journey for excellence at our school. 


Från rektorn

A Message from IES Hässelby's New Principal

Dear Students and Guardians of IES Hässelby,

From February 1, 2019, I will be taking over as acting principal of IES Hässelby. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the school's current principal, Mr. Frederik Granström, for his dedication and hard work building IES Hässelby into the strong school that it is today. He will be greatly missed.

I am a Canadian certified teacher, with a Master of Education degree in Curriculum Leadership and ten years of teaching experience. I have had the pleasure of working at IES Hässelby since it opened in 2011. Over the years I have held the positions of teacher, Head of Year, Förstelärare and Junior School Coordinator at the school. In this role, I led pastoral and academic programmes for teachers and students in grades 4 to 6. As a member of the Leadership Team, I  also worked closely to set goals and targets that promoted the IES ethos and strengthened the school community at IES Hässelby.

IES Hässelby’s staff and students have accomplished a lot together these past 9 years. While we have built an atmosphere of discipline, respect and academic excellence at the school, I am most proud of the strong student-teacher relationships that have developed over the years. We have worked hard to connect with our students, not only in the subjects being taught but also in their lives outside the classroom. Every day, teachers and staff go above and beyond to show students that they are cared for, both as learners and as people. I strongly believe that it is because of these positive relationships that our students have been able to achieve such high academic success.

Although IES Hässelby is a successful school, we still have work to do. Together with the dedicated staff of IES Hässelby, we will continue to build a school culture where safety and mutual respect are key, and which engages learning, promotes international mindedness, upholds high expectations, and above all, fosters strong relationships between teachers and students.

Best Regards,

Ms. Katharine Naurin


Från rektorn

Lesson visits!

Lesson visits!

One thing that I really enjoy about my work is to do lesson visits, to be where the action is. As a Principal, it is very easy to miss out on what is actually going on in your school, but in IES I know that I have a team of great administrators to help me deal with all the administrative tasks, which gives me time to be with the students and the staff. That is where I should be, not in my office. 

Today, I did several lesson visits. Here are just some examples. I visited an amazing Swedish lesson in Grade 6 with Ms Nordensson. The students were busy working on their short stories. I also read a chapter in Bröderna Lejonhjärta to Grade 4 students which was nothing else but magical. It made me miss teaching a lot. 

Above is a photo from Woodwork class with 5A from today. The students and their teacher Mr Pitcher were really enjoying the lesson and the projects that they are currently working on. They were having fun, but in a calm and safe environment. 

Thank you for today students and staff. I will see you in lessons and in the corridors tomorrow. 


Mr Granström  




Från rektorn

Visits from former students

Visits from former students

At IESH former students come and visit all the time. A while ago, Vera and her mother came by to say goodbye on the day that Vera was moving to the US to do one year in High School. She was so excited and nervous at the same time. She promised to keep us updated, and she gave me this photo of us two from her Graduation last year June.

Best wishes, Vera! We are all very proud of you and we know you will bring so much to your new school, friends and community!

Från rektorn

Principal's September Newsletter

Dear readers,

A little over a month has passed since the start of the academic year. What a great time we have had. The students are settling into their new classes well. It is really impressive to see how quickly students make new friends. Mixing classes every year help build social skills and a strong sense of community.

A few weeks ago, parents and students were invited by the mentors to school for the PTS Conference/development talks for Autumn term. In these meetings, the students set academic and social targets for themselves for this academic year. I would like to remind everyone to keep working hard towards these targets, step by step. Teachers continue to work tremendously hard to support the students with their academic and social goals. SchoolSoft planning is up and of great quality, assessments and checkpoints have started to happen. Please check SchoolSoft regularly and do communicate with the mentor to ensure that your child, our student is progressing towards the targets set, and according to plan. If there are any issues, please communicate with the mentor first.

The school’s targets / Our quality work

The team of teachers and other staff together with the students will work as a team towards the following All School Targets this year:

Improve the learning environment by focusing on the aspect of calm and quiet in every lesson and every activity.  

Maintain high academic results, and integrity in grading. 

Each Year Team and Department is also in the process of setting their specific targets for the year.  

Working towards a goal or a set of goals make our environment structured and reliable. It ensures we can continue to improve an already successful school.  We are all committed to delivering on our promise to students, parents and colleagues every day.

PTA (Parent Teacher Association) 

The PTA has already had several meetings this year so far. They also organized a fantastic lecture with the adventurer Aron Anderson at Vällingby theatre earlier this week. We have a strong PTA whose main job is to support the students and the school. There is a need for more parents to join the PTA. Please contact them directly if you are interested. Their contact information can be found on SchooLSoft.

Student Council

Earlier this week all students voted in the Student Council Presidential election. The results of the election will be shared with everyone soon. I look forward to continuing working closely with the student representatives this year. We have also had our first Food Council meeting with the catering company.

School Election

Our SO department organized the school election for all students. The results of the vote can be found here https://www.stockholmdirekt.se/nyheter/hasselbyeleverna-fler-i-var-gener...

European Day of Languages

Our Modern Foreign Language Department organized the annual European Day of Languages with different activities for students earlier this week.


There are many, many more things happening at the school every week: Open House Days, Crazy Hair Day, essay competitions and much more. Please login into SchoolSoft, check our Instagram and Facebook for more.

Best regards,

Mr. Granström

Från rektorn

First Day of School 2018/2019

Greetings readers, 

The sun was shining and staff and students were happy and smiling as we officially started the academic year of 2018/2019 today. Welcome back to your school all students in grade 5-9. The school has been so empty wihtout you. We are all very happy that you are back and ready for yet another year at IES Hässelby Strand. 

To our new students in grade 4, and their parents - It was so nice to meet you all in the assembly in the Gym this morning, and around the school throughout the day. We are all excited to welcome you to this wonderful, bilingual school here in Hässelby, and we look forward to be a part of the students' progress, both academically and socially for the next six years.

Here are some photos (of low quality) I took today:

Mr Riley and Mr Tilden were greeting students by the main entrance this morning. 

The students were enjoying their new playground that we built over summer. 



Thank you to everyone for a great start of the year! 

Best regards, 

Mr Granström, your principal