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IESH Student Council at EU parliament seminar

Friday January 19th, the IESH Student Council attended the annual school debate at Europahuset, the EU headquarters of Sweden. Two of the swedish representants in the EU parliament, Linnéa Engström (Miljöpartiet) and Jasenko Selimovic (Liberalerna), were present to discuss and answer questions asked by students from 7 different schools within the Stockholm area.

IESH asked questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of changing the swedish currency from SEK to Euro, as well as difficult choice to do the best for Sweden or the best for Europe.

Regardless of the many tough questions about Brexit, the migration crisis and the climate change, as well as the fact that the politicians represented different political blocks, no actual debate took place as they agreed with each other most of the time. Although, all questions came with well developed answers, some more complex than others. Being a refugee himself in the past, Jasenko Selimovic had a burning interest for migration politics, and Linnéa Engström showed that she really loves to discuss climate politics.

The Student Council would like to thank the politicians, Markus Bonekamp (chief manager at the European Parliament’s information office and moderator of the debate) and anyone else involved in organizing this event.

Author: Wilhelm Karlsson, yr 9