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Spring Fair 2018

The entire school with students and staff will attend – and we hope some
former, and longing for, teachers, too! Bring your family, friends and
neighbors for a fun day filled with activities for all ages, and delicious food
and “fika”.

See you at Spring Fair!

Workshop Afternoon for New Students!


Last week Wednesday 11th of April, we had a workshop afternoon for new students and their parents that are joining us in August. It was wonderful to meet the students and to see them in the mini lessons that the teachers had prepared for them. The school's Principal Mr Granström together with the Management team also met with new parents to inform them of who we are, what we believe in and what makes us such a great school. 

Here is what one parent said about the workshop day:

"After the workshop on Wednesday afternoon on 11th April, my husband and I were overwhelmed by how you, and all the staff at the school, are so dedicated to the pupils’ education, especially when you referred to them all as being 'curious learners'. 
We would like you to know that we agree with you entirely on placing high academic expectations on the pupils and we appreciate the values you set concerning their pastoral care and behaviour."

New students, we are all eagerly looking forward to seeing you in August. 

Choice Day

Choice Day

Choice day #4 has come and gone. Only one more this school year and then our incredible students and teachers get to show the products of what they have been working on all year in our Choice Showcase. There were a lot of fun moments during the day in our different choices. The students in Newspaper Choice were visited by two journalist to help them with the article they are writing and the students in Behind the Scene made great progress with the costumes for this years school play Beauty and the Beast.

Vice principal Mr Wallace had a lot of nice things to say about the day. Here are some of his favourite memories of the day: 

  • Mr. Farnsworth, Mr. Oxborough and some students in yr 9 going out of their way to make a fellow student's day a day he'll never forget. 
  • Watching Mr Pardo Garcia excitedly talking to a year 5 in the lunchroom line about Ninja Warrior. 
  • A portrait of Mr. Pournazaree done in Mr Bonnell's Comic Book Choice - IT'S AWESOME! 

Antagning och inskrivning information

Antagning och inskrivning information

Ett barn kan inte registreras i kön för en IES-skola under det kalenderår då det har fötts. Första kömöjligheten är 1 februari följande kalenderår. Regeln syftar till att ge alla samma chans till en plats, oavsett när på året som ett barn fötts. Denna förändring införs den 1 januari 2018 och berör dem som registreras i kön från och med detta datum.


Inför årskurs 4, 2018, startar antagningen vecka 44 med inbjudan via mail till den mailadress familjen registrerat.


Vi genomför inför årskurs 4 alltid en "Workshop Day" där barnen får en möjlighet att uppleva hur det är att vara elev i vår skola. Samtidigt får vårdnadshavare information om skolan från ledningsgruppen. Det är de barn som står främst i vår kö som får möjligheten att komma till skolan och hälsa på. Platser tilldelas i datumordning enligt registrering i IES Hässelby Strands kö. Skolan tillämpar syskonförtur vilket innebär att elev som nu går på skolan och har ett syskon som vill börja får förtur även om syskonet har ett senare registreringsdatum än andra barn i kön. Erfarenheter och kunskap som skolgång i utlandet, engelska som modersmål etc ger inte förtur.

Vi har begränsad möjlighet att svara på frågor under antagningsprocessen. Därför ber vi om ert tålamod.Många frågar oss om deras barns möjlighet till plats. Detta är en fråga vi inte kan besvara eftersom antagningsprocessen pågår. För att logga in till kön och uppdatera kontaktuppgifter; följ denna länk. Inloggningsuppgifter skickades till den mailadress ni angav samma dag som ni registrerade ert barn i elevkön.


Admission and registration information :

A child can be registered in queue the 1st February of the next year the child is born. This means they cannot be registered the same year as they are born. This is so that each child gets a fair chance to be in queue irrespective of the time in the year when they are born.

This comes in effect from 1st January 2018.

Admission for grade 4 2018-19 has started week 44 with invitations via email registered with us.

We have a “workshop day” for our grade 4 students where they meet our teachers and see how it feels to be a IESH student. At the same time parents get to meet the Principal for an information session. Invitation is based on the queue system, the first in queue is offered first. If for some reason they are unable to join, the place is offered to next child in queue and so on. Sibling preference is the only preference given when the sibling can come before the others registered in queue.

We have limited opportunity to reply to your email during the admission process and we thank you for your patience. We receive many questions if their child will get a place, to which we cannot answer right now as the admission process is going on. You can login in the queue via this link . Login details will be sent to the email you had registered at the the time of submitting the application.

The new classrooms - an update


Here is just a quick update on the progress of the build. As students, staff and parents know, we are adding two new rooms to the main building, A1. In a couple of weeks we will have an assembly room / new classroom for all Music lessons, as well as a new Grade 5C classrom. Have a look at the photos! We only have to put the floor down, install projectors, whiteboards, and get the furniture in place. Then the new rooms are completed, and students and staff can move in, hopefully by Monday November 13th. 

Grade 5 Classroom


Assembly Room / Music Room 

Kind Regards, 

Mr Granström

Operation Work Day and Sodwana Bay Primary

Our journey with Sodwana Bay Primary began five and a half years ago. Sandy Schäfer, the previous principal, used to work at this little school in Sodwana Bay, South Africa. It had very few resources and facilities, and was in desperate need of help and support.

When we started IESH, we began supporting and working alongside Sodwana Bay Primary. Over the years, we have helped them to build several classrooms, a library, new offices, and have helped them with their day-to-day running expenses. We have been very fortunate to visit the school twice, once last year with two students.

One of the ways in which we raise money for Sodwana Bay Primary is through Operation Work Day. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to use their abilities to help make life better for people in another part of the world. During the morning or afternoon when students do not have their PTS conference, each student is asked to work for half the day. The work can be on the job with a parent, or even another relative. Students are given work to do, and they are paid for their work. Other ways in which money is raised is through bake sales, and the annual Spring Fair and the Christmas market.

The staff, students and parents of Sodwana Bay Primary are incredibly grateful for all the support we have given them over the years - 'Nothing would have happened without your help! We are forever grateful for what your school has done for us! Thank you!'