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From the Principal

From the Principal

From the Principal

Autumn is Here

Dear readers,

Many fantastic things are happening at IES Hässelby as we are fast approaching Autumn break. We are all very busy this time of the year, and I thought I would share some examples of activities, besides classroom lessons, happening at the school this far:

- Grade 9 students and teachers have been to a field trip to Fotografiska Museet, and are going to Armémuseet on Friday this week.

- Grade 7 students are going on a Ghost Walk in Gamla Stan for Halloween.

School Blog

Operation Work Day and Sodwana Bay Primary

Our journey with Sodwana Bay Primary began five and a half years ago. Sandy Schäfer, the previous principal, used to work at this little school in Sodwana Bay, South Africa. It had very few resources and facilities, and was in desperate need of help and support.

Spring Fair 2017


A big thank you to the PTA, the students and the staff that were involved in creating a great Spring Fair at the school last Saturday. It was a wonderful day where staff, parents and students came together to celebrate Spring, look at the fantastic student work that was displayed in the gym, do some fundraising and to have a lot of fun of course.


Mr Granström 


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We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
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